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1 service
Customer first, try to make customers touch!
2 Jianxing Company Service Response
Timely and efficiently provide customers around the country with the pre-sales consultation, sales and after-sales service of Jianzhixing's fitness equipment products, and eliminate various technical problems encountered by customers during the use process to ensure satisfactory customer use. Hotline service response time, after the customer service center receives the service call, the special person is responsible for answering and making a record. The service manager of Jianzhixing Customer Service Center will feedback the information to the responsible person of relevant department within 2 hours to conduct telephone technology or product consulting service.
3 Product warranty coverage
The motor is guaranteed for 5 years, the electrical appliance is guaranteed for 1 year, and the other normal warranty is one year. The customer is required to provide after-sales service warranty card and invoice during maintenance.
4 Customer Service Center Service
a. Prerequisites for replacement of parts: It is a product of Jianzhixing Company and the product is not physically damaged (or man-made damage is covered by the warranty). No physical damage means that the parts are not crushed during transportation or handling. , deformation.
b. Parts replacement process: After the machine is diagnosed by the technical hotline, it is determined that there is a problem with a certain part of the customer's machine. The company will exchange the parts for the customer, and the company will send the parts directly to the customer. Return to the company by repairing the machine by the company that is the same as the original part or the equivalent of the original part. The machine will be returned to the company within 7 working days after the machine is working normally.
c.Replacement of parts purchased separately. When the parts under warranty are required to be repaired, the customer will send the parts with problems back to Jianzhixing Company. After receiving the parts returned by the customer, Jianzhixing will confirm the parts and confirm the parts. As with the customer description, the customer can replace the same type of stable components with the original parts. If there is no identical part, the company will replace the parts with at least the original parts. External accessories are charged at standard cost.
d.The maintenance service of the super-warranty product, because the company's products are constantly updated and developed, if the warranty period is exceeded, the company will charge the parts for the replacement parts. If the parts are scrapped, the customer will need to purchase the parts at the original price. If the purchase time is long, or the company's products have been discontinued for production, and Jianzhixing Company has no parts replacement or repair, the customer will send the parts back to the company for professional repair and component testing according to the requirements of the service staff of Jianzhixing Company. Return the parts to the customer within seven working days after the accessories.