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Company Profile

Company Profile

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  We one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers in China, and have been so for the past 10years. Our inventory includes motorized treadmills, Elliptical machine, magnetically controlled Bike, Recumbent bike, Stepper, and all of these are being manufactured to Meet OEM customer product, environmental performance expectations through “Environmentally friendly product design”.
  Items such as PCB’s, Motors & Motor spare parts are purchased from Taiwan due to excellent levels of quality, fines and most of all reliability. Hence our product is a step above the rest in all aspects.
  We are one of the leading companies that market our products successfully to the European sector, Australia, Middle- East, America and also Asia.
Our Moto being “Quality First” & “The Customer Is KING” has helped us ensure that all our customers are satisfied and hence secured our future existence with the ability to provide them with a  warranty on all our products. We strive to minimize cost of production so that benefit would reflect in our end product and helps us compete with low prices. Also due to the automation of the production process we are able to cater to the demand and guarantee timely delivery of goods.
  That was a brief introduction of our company; I would like to invite all who have vested interest in the fitness equipment sector to please bring forth your proposals, queries, suggestions etc, so that we can help each other to better our future together.
Company Profile